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By sinosci | 18 September 2019 | 0 Comments

Jeff Janiszewski, Senior VP, Empire State Development, visited Sino-Sci


On December 12, 2018, per the request of the department of empire state development of New York State, the department of commerce of Jiangsu Province held the "Jiangsu Province - New York State Conference of biological and pharmaceutical industry" in Nanjing, China. On the scene of the 30th anniversary of the marriage of Jiangsu Province and New York State, talks were conducted on further promoting the economic and trade cooperation between the two states. Jeff Janiszewski, the deputy director of the New York State Department of economic development, and leaders from Jiangsu department of commerce, Nanjing bureau of commerce, Jiangsu association of pharmaceutical research and development and 13 biopharmaceutical enterprises attended the meeting. Feng Peng, the CEO of Sico-Sci group, was also invited to attend the meeting.
Mr. Janiszewski visited the Sino-Sci group after the conference. After fully knowing the products and research background of Sino-Sci, Mr. Janiszewski highly appraised the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture and its inheritance and development by Sini-Sci. Mr. Janiszewski hoped that the Sino-Sci New York branch could introduce more and more modernized TCM products to New York State and the United States. He also expected that the world can share the fruits of TCM modernization through diversified open market and cooperative communication platforms.

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