Sino-Sci Stomach Care Capsule

The world's safest herb-based supplement landing USA!

Manufactured to effectively alleviate the stomach discomfort, comprehensively repair the damage, and maintain the health of stomach. After spending 10 years in research & development, Sino-Sci selects the precious Sea Buckthorn from high altitude area and high quality propolis from subtropical moist forests, to produce the Stomach Care at their GMP factory. And this product turns out becoming the golden shield protecting patients from many kinds of stomach discomforts.

  • Relief of Stomach Gas and Bloating.
  • Relieve Heartburn and Acid Reflux.
  • Improve Stomach Digestion.
  • Effectively relieve your stomach discomfort, After taking it for one months.

100% Natural,No Side Effects;

Sino-Sci Stomach Care can be called 100% natural, no chemical, no addictive so absolutely no side effect. This is the most obvious difference between Sino-Sci Stomach Care and other stomach products.

  • No Chemical
  • No Additives
  • No Gluten
    • Sea Buckthorn

      Sea Buckthorn mainly grow at the area of mountains with altitude over 2000 meters, or at harsh deserts. As a small fruit, Sea Buckthorn has strong function on enhancing stomach digestion and synthesis of stomach enzymes. Sino-Sci extracts the Sea Buckthorn flavone from its seeds to neutralize stomach acid, reduce stomach acid secretion, and alleviate acid reflex.

    • Propolis

      Called as “purple gold’ in the history, propolis contains plenty of flavonoids, vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrition. Sino-Sci selects premium propolis to produce the Stomach Care. It can effectively relieve stomach pain, and repair damaged gastric mucosa. Another function of the propolis is that it can protect the gastric channel from the attack of bacteria.

    • Stomach Care

      The innovative combination of Sea Buckthorn seed super critical extract and Propolis extract was shown to support chronic upset stomach-soothing and protective.

      The unique Chinese herbal prescription could bring you unexpected effect.

You will experience 3 steps after taking Sino-Sci Stomach Care:

    • Symptom remission period-7 days

      Super antibacterial and repair function can quickly repair gastric mucosa, neutralize gastric acid, promote digestion, help reduce stomach pain, stomach distension, quickly relieve indigestion and acid reflux and other stomach discomforts.

    • Stomach adjustment period-1 to 3 months

      Neutralize gastric acid, and promote gastric mucosa repair. Reduce the workload of stomach, and fully regulate the gastrointestinal system. Enhance gastric motility, promote gastric peristalsis, and make gastric operation more effective. Gradually restore gastrointestinal function, and reduce the number of gastrointestinal discomfort attacks.

    • Root cause improvement period-4 to 6 months

      Strong antibacterial effect. Strengthen stomach disease resistance, and protect gastrointestinal tract. Comprehensively improve stomach distension and pain, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms caused by excess of stomach acid. Strengthen stomach digestive function, improve indigestion, and maintain gastrointestinal health.

*These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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