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Sino-Sci Stomach Care is manufactured for stomach health, Sino-Sci realized its goal with this amazing product made 100% from herbs grown in the alpines and the subtropical forests. We combine a blend of natural nutrients to help cool occasional heartburn and help digestion.*

  • Help cool occasional heartburn*
  • Help digestion*
  • Calming and soothing*

100% Natural,No Side Effects;

Sino-Sci Stomach Care can be called 100% natural, no chemical, no addictive so absolutely no side effect. This is the most obvious difference between Sino-Sci Stomach Care and other stomach products.

  • No Chemical
  • No Additives
  • No Gluten
    • Sea Buckthorn

      Sea Buckthorn mainly grow at the area of mountains with altitude over 2000 meters, or at harsh deserts. As a small fruit, Sea Buckthorn helps enhancing stomach digestion*. Sino-Sci extracts the Sea Buckthorn flavone from its seeds to provide soothing support.*

    • Propolis

      Modern herbalists have used Propolis to support a variety of health concerns, and it is a common ingredient in natural oral care products and cosmetics.* Today it is also used to support healthy immune system functions and soothe mucosal tissues.*

    • Stomach Care

      The innovative combination of Sea Buckthorn seed supercritical extract and Propolis extract helps cool occasional heartburn and relieve indigestion.*

*These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
bad product

This never helped me no with Acid reflux not with any stomach problems I took 4 bottles and 0 results. Waste of money.Do not buy it will not help

Jialing Tian
My luck

I am so luck and so happy that I have found this Stomach Care to take care my Gerd problem. I am free from the horrible suffering now .Thanks God !And thanks Sino-Sci !

Jorge Armando Osorio

Sino-Sci Stomach Care

Good product

Good product

Amazing product

This product is awesome for digestive related issues ranging from gas, bloating, heart burn, excess acid, etc.

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