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Wild Cordyceps, 13 Frequently Asked Questions!

Wild Cordyceps, 13 Frequently Asked Questions!


1. What is the appropriate amount of Wild Cordyceps consumption each day?

According to the introduction of Chinese Medicinal Mycology: Frequent consumption of Wild Cordyceps can promote digestion, regulate immune function, and enhance the body’s resistance to many diseases. Wild Cordyceps is divided into traditional wild and fresh Cordyceps. As a health care dosage: Wild Cordyceps is generally about 1 gram, and fresh Cordyceps is generally 2~3 grams; if treatment is needed due to illness, the dosage of Wild Cordyceps is generally 5~9 grams per day, and 5~10 grams per day for fresh Cordyceps.

2. Will there be adverse reactions to long-term use of Cordyceps?

Wild Cordyceps has been stated in the literature of Materia Medica in the past dynasties as “mild and neutral”; Chinese Medicinal Mycology published: “long-term consumption of Wild Cordyceps can promote digestion, regulate human immune function, and enhance the body’s resistance to many diseases. It is especially suitable for people with impaired respiratory tract and kidney function. It can normalize the function of the respiratory organs and activate the gastrointestinal function, thereby improving the weak physique and enhancing the nourishment and strength.” Therefore, long-term use of Wild Cordyceps will bring benefits but no harm and will not cause any adverse reactions.

3. Will there be drug resistance after long-term use of Wild Cordyceps?

Wild Cordyceps is a valuable tonic in China. Its main components are cordycepin, cordyceps polysaccharide, cordycepin acid, SOD (superoxide dismutase), peptides (protein), amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements, just like people who eat chicken, duck, and fish for a long time, it will not produce drug resistance.

4. How long does it take for Wild Cordyceps to be effective?

Consuming Wild Cordyceps has the characteristics of slower but stable and lasting effect. If you want to fully utilize its healing and health care effect, it is recommended to consume Wild Cordyceps for a long period of time depending on the physical condition of different people. After one month of consumption, fresh Cordyceps can make a significant improvement in physique. If you want to maximize the effect, it is recommended to consume Wild Cordyceps for 90 days at a time, especially for people suffering from serious diseases, and time of continuous consumption cannot be too short.

5. Will storing Cordyceps long period of time affect its efficacy?

Products of any kind are subject to storage time limits, and Wild Cordyceps is no exception. If the packaging materials and storage conditions are good, the relative storage time will be longer. But because Wild Cordyceps tends to absorb moisture, it is easily mold, at the same time, easily oxidized, so the storage time should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the efficacy of Wild Cordyceps.

6. Can I consume expired Wild Cordyceps?

It is recommended not to consume expired food products of any kind.

  • Carefully check the packaging and storage condition of the expired Wild Cordyceps. If the expiration time is too long, it is not recommended to consume; if the expiration date is not too long, check whether it has changed color, secondly, whether it has mildew, and thirdly, whether there is any peculiar smell. If the time has not expired for too long, you must be cautious when consuming it.
  • Generally, Wild Cordyceps that has passed its expiry date has lost its efficacy, or has been oxidized, and may have harmful substances that are unhealthy. To prevent any accidents, Wild Cordyceps that has exceeded the shelf life of the product should not be eaten.

7. Can Wild Cordyceps be taken with other medicines?

Because Wild Cordyceps is a fungus, it can be taken as medicine. It can be simmered, fried, stewed, and boiled together with other foods to make food more nutritious. Consuming Wild Cordyceps with other medicines will not cause other adverse reactions and can be eaten together.

8. Wild Cordyceps is most effective for which diseases?

According to the research of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Wild Cordyceps, it is believed that Wild Cordyceps is particularly effective for lung and kidney deficiency diseases. Mainly used for pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, and spermatorrhea, impotence, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, waist and knee pain, long-term weakness, hemoptysis, chronic nephritis, and other diseases. According to Chinese Medicinal Mycology, Wild Cordyceps has the functions of anti-fatigue, anti-aging, enhancing immunity and sexual function, and at times it can kill some cancerous cells.

9. Can I still eat Wild Cordyceps after brewing tea with it?

Most of its nutrients are dissolved in the tea after brewing, but there are still many components remaining in the bodies of Wild Cordyceps. It is suggested to consume the bodies of the Wild Cordyceps after brewing tea with it, the decocted Wild Cordyceps bodies are rich in crude fiber, which is beneficial to the human body.

10. Why do some people have no obvious effect after consuming Wild Cordyceps?

Strictly speaking, there is no cure for all diseases. The main function of Wild Cordyceps is to regulate the body’s immunity, thereby improving the body’s ability to resist many diseases. In addition, the following conditions will also affect the effect of consuming Wild Cordyceps.

Everyone has different digestion and absorption functions. Some people have poor spleen function and poor digestion and absorption functions.

Wild Cordyceps is mild in nature, its effect is not as fast as western medicine, and the symptoms does not disappear in a short amount of time; Traditional Chinese Medicine must be taken in several courses of treatment, so the effect is slower.

The curative effect of Wild Cordyceps is to act on the entire immune system of the human body. The range of action is very wide, so it is quite slow, and the effect needs to be accumulated. If the dosage is insufficient and the usage time is short, it will be seemed like it has no effect.

11. Can Wild Cordyceps product be given to children?

Wild Cordyceps is a warm tonic, rich in protein and 18 kinds of amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements. It is suitable for men, women, and children, especially suitable for patients in the recovery stage after illness. Generally, it is not necessary for children to consume. If the child is often sick, it is better to control the child’s dosage.

12. Are there any contraindications to taking Wild Cordyceps products?

According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, “Wild Cordyceps nourishes the kidney, calms, detoxifies, relieves asthma, expectorant, refreshes, strengthens the heart, and strengthens the body, and can be used as medicine in the diet.” Research on the Usage of Materia Medica reported: “The bodies of Wild Cordyceps fungus are non-toxic.” The artificial Cordyceps bodies are also non-toxic after acute and subacute tests. Therefore, when taking Wild Cordyceps products, there are no contraindications, so you can take it with confidence.

13. Why shouldn’t Wild Cordyceps be brewed in boiling water?

Wild Cordyceps is generally used to decoct or simmer food. Due to its poor water solubility, the active ingredients in Wild Cordyceps must be extracted after high temperature, which will cause some nutrient loss; artificial Cordyceps bodies have better water solubility. The ingredients are kept intact and not damaged. It is usually brewed with warm water at 60~70℃ (140 ~ 158°F). It can be brewed several times a day for frequent tea drinking. You can also chew and eat the bodies of Wild Cordyceps after brewing tea, so they are not wasted.


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